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29 December 2020 @ 06:49 pm
This is the private (read: not really but mostly friends only) journal of a (questionably) 18 year old Michelle. Sydnerian, part time French-onion (pronounced oh-knee-on, not onion like the ones you can peel). Posts about nothing in particular or stores images and inspiration for future references. Enjoys reading about other, more interesting people's lives. Uses a lot of brackets a lot of the time (but hopes that doesn't bother you).

if she weren't writing in blood
she'd bring him her Jokes
a New Liver
and a Shovel for the mud
if he were not knee-deep in mud
he'd bring her his Drugs
he'd get her a Typewriter

Adds are lovely although there isn't a lot to read here, but please answer before doing that:
a favourite lyric can say a lot about a person. What's yours?
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