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30 June 2009 @ 05:34 pm
I don't really use this journal and never really had any intentions of doing so... although today I decided to give it a good spring (although it's summer here) cleaning, regardless. The layout is new (old css, new... image. Colours. And such.), and I've even updated the introductory Welcome Mat entry - a good thing, I'd imagine, considering I turned 18 last December.

I'm not going to talk about France in detail here. On that note, it's really confusing trying to decide what to write on an LJ when you have a blog, as well. I'd love to be able to write and post more but I have this need to add pictures to all of my entries and this computer doesn't seem to want to recognise my camera. But Vincent's home now and I think he has a memory card reader, so I'll probably use that.

Right now is:

Metric in the background, Kate sending me files of a dress she's working on, a tab open of my email, an empty glass, clean laundry on the couch beside me, a straight back (I'm working on my posture!) and - oh - the conversation is flashing orange so I guess those files have sent.

I feel nauseated and I don't know why.
Current Location: on a wooden bench
Current Mood: nauseated
Current Music: Torture Me - Metric