i'm sorry -ology, forgive me-ology.

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I live for Nights Like These.

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accents, accordions, ambience, animals not cockroaches, armoires, astrology, ballbaths, being particular, bicycles, birds, branches, bubble machines, bulbs on strings, busy cities, buttered toast, canada, chandeliers, charm, cheekbones, cheese, collections, coloured drinkables, damask, delicacy, details, dirty mirrors, dita von teese, door-knockers, drag queens, dried fruit, dripping candles, euphoria, everything about france, everything everything everything everything, fake moustaches, family portraits, fangs and crooked teeth, fashion, feathers, fields, folk music, fortune telling, frills, gardens, garlic sauce, gaspard before edward cullen, ghost stories, giant doors, glass bottles and jars, good night sleeps, happiness, humour, interesting homework, jean-pierre jeunet, lace and laces, language, large balloons, leather briefcases, light streaks, lightbulbs, lingerie, literature, long hair, long lists, love, lucid dreaming, lunacy, magic, masks, matte photographs, metric, money, mosaiqued anything, old stamps, other people like me, paper crowns, perfect weather, petrichor, philosophy, photography, planet tattoos, pot plants, pre-90s, propellor wings, psychic ability, quiet villages, radishes with buttered baguette, random music taste, sails, scavenger hunts, scientific names, security, short hair, shoulder blades, skirts, smell of old books, stained-glass windows, sticks and stones, success, talent, tardiness, taxidermy but not cruelty, tea, textiles and design, the harry potter series, the sound of helicopters, things with antlers, things with wings, tidiness, tiny sketches, travel, trinkets, umbrellas and parasols, usa, vegetarianism, vintage, wallpaper, walls of stone, white chocolate, woods, xylophones, yen magazine, zoos